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Healthy Living with Aromatherapy

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Aromatheraphy is the art of using oils extracted from aromatic plants to enhance beauty and be healthy . Through a process of distillation the aroma of rose petals, lemon peel, berries, etc., is captured into liquid known as essential oils.

The sense of smell is awakened by the power of aromatheraphy. The use of clary sage is found to be emotionally uplifting. Place a few drops in a fragrancer to enjoy a mood-lifting experience. For increased vitality sprinkle a few drops of rosemary and geranium oils into bathwater. Many have found rose oil to be relaxing when rubbed on the neck, hands and wrist. A few drops of essential oil may be placed on a cotton ball to inhale. Try inhaling peppermint to calm an upset stomach. The peppermint oil may also be mixed in honey water and sipped from a spoon. (more…)