Healthy Living with Aromatherapy

Aromatheraphy is the art of using oils extracted from aromatic plants to enhance beauty and be healthy . Through a process of distillation the aroma of rose petals, lemon peel, berries, etc., is captured into liquid known as essential oils.

The sense of smell is awakened by the power of aromatheraphy. The use of clary sage is found to be emotionally uplifting. Place a few drops in a fragrancer to enjoy a mood-lifting experience. For increased vitality sprinkle a few drops of rosemary and geranium oils into bathwater. Many have found rose oil to be relaxing when rubbed on the neck, hands and wrist. A few drops of essential oil may be placed on a cotton ball to inhale. Try inhaling peppermint to calm an upset stomach. The peppermint oil may also be mixed in honey water and sipped from a spoon. Those unable to sleep will be soothed into rest by inhaling lavender. A few drops of lavender into a hot bath will also induce deeper sleep. Lavender is beneficial for relieving headache pain also. Just rub a few drops across the forehead and temples. Need a mid-morning pickup? Try inhaling a few drops of basil in a bowl of hot water or in a fragrancer. One whiff will perk up the brain cells into mental stimulation. Do the same for increasing efficiency by inhaling lemon oil.

When used daily, essential oils remove the everyday stresses and negativity that weaken the immune system. Consult with a reputable dealer that carries high-quality oils. Also check with an aromatherapist before using any essential oils while pregnant. Various combinations of the essences can be blended to create your own special aromas. Hands should be washed before beginning to avoid traces of other substances being mixed with the oils. The oils are very concentrated so replace the caps on the bottles so they don’t evaporate into the air. Count the drops and record the number. An oil base of safflower, sunflower, sweet almond, grape seed or peach kernel can be used to mix. Use three percent essential oil to the carrier oil. When the mix is complete, store the essential oils in dark glass bottles with stoppered caps in a cool dark place. Enjoy the benefits of the aromas in many ways. Sprinkle a few drops into the carpet. The oils give off their aromas much quicker when they are in contact with heat. Light an aroma light with a candle. Place a few drops into the radiator. Treat yourself to an electric aromatheraphy burner. Feel the stress of the day leave as the aroma relaxes and fills the senses.

Too much stress lowers the immune system making us more prone to illness. Stress that builds up over the years causes a breakdown in health. Essential oils can be used daily as preventative medicine and as a protection from the environment. For out of control emotions use ylang ylang, rose or clary sage. During the flu season essential oils can directly fight the virus or bacterial infection while encouraging recuperation. The first line of defense the body has is the throat. At the first sign of a throat infection gargle tea tree in pure water to fend off bacteria. Lavender oil can be used to fight a cold virus also. Rub the oil under the jawbone, sides of the neck, shoulders and upper chest. Another stress reducer is a footbath. Whatever happens to the feet can have an adverse affect on our well being. Add a few drops of peppermint to the water to relieve aching feet. The natural menthol will have a nice cooling effect in the summer months. Try using myrtle in a relaxing soak to warm a winter day.

It is important to know the effects the environment has on our bodies. Stress as well as drugs, antibiotics, and computer emissions are a few reasons for a lowered immune system. Stimulants such as coffee and alcohol as well as bad diets also contribute to lowering the immune system. To strengthen the immune system feed your body nutritious foods, vitamin C and zinc. Surround yourself with positive thoughts and people that love you. Reach for the essential oils to protect your body and to remain healthy and strong.

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